Born of a Woman: Birth of a nation – Chia Emmanuel


She is a Mother,

She is a Wife,

She is Daughter,

She is a Sister,

She is a Friend,

She is a Woman,

She is a Human Being,

And most of all She is ENOUGH.

God’s creation is wonderful, the creation of women, still more wonderful as a woman is an aspect of our everyday living.

Society has overtime set high level of expectation from women hence the instrument of measurement; “They are too much of this”, “a little bit of that”, let us agree, they are materialistic, they are fickle, yet they are HUMAN BEINGS.

Chia Emmanuel

They are expected to do the chores basically and at the same time expected to be care givers (Such level of multitasking), yet it is not enough. How come we see them excellent in chores and put a “glass ceiling” to their head?

How come we want the woman of our ‘imagination’ sassy and witty, yet we cannot and fail to accommodate them on the balance?

For a society to achieve its maximum potential and development, there needs to be a balance in gender roles, more than pushing the narrative of including the ever productive, we should learn to accept them as equals.

Women, Listen:

Be authentic, embrace your feminity, and embrace being you because the world needs more wholeness to it. You are the pillars of this world, you should also know that you can be the caterpillar in our society.

When brash words come and tears drop, mop it off elegantly, it is not weakness, it’sthe human in you.

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Be learned, yet inquisitive.

Be caring but firm.

You go through the grind and yet you are not appreciated.

Your mind is a mine; you think divergently, get crushed, strained and drained by the constant pressure of our society telling you who and what to be, only you see meaning in a string of ‘cacophony’.

It takes some level of emotional grit, the passion and perseverance that you are not giving up knowing you are in a “mans world”. The man you birthed.

The BEAUTY of the strength in you, I must appreciate.

Women, you should know that you are a nation and you are ENOUGH.

I may not be on the podium of feminism ‘again’ in Nigeria (a personal decision) but you should know that I will not hesitate to speak for women or defend them when the call is on. And for my generation, they will know if not, be taught that a woman is an equal and that she desaerves what she desires not because she is a woman but because she is first of all a HUMAN BEING and has all the right to be what she wants to be.

Obviously Women CAN DO IT TOO. Better the Balance.




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  1. Great Mato

    March 9, 2019 at 9:15 pm

    Great piece brother! Bravo!

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