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My encounter with Burnout: Causes, signs, tests and solution [The Untold Story]


My encounter with Burnout: Causes, signs, tests and solution

Before I get into details about my experience with burnout, I must admit that I have a pretty cool and exciting job. Today, I’m a successful psychologist who works with both men and women in high positions. These people are highly ambitious, amazingly gifted and talented and outstanding in their respective jobs/fields. This holds especially true for the high-octane women who’re extremely passionate about their jobs and know exactly what they want from their lives. However, while interacting with these women I realized that they were pacing along the road of life at unimaginable speeds and during the course they failed to realize that there were big curves up ahead on the same road. This was even when I was standing right there and waving a huge flag of caution to them.

My encounter with Burnout: Causes, signs, tests and solution [The Untold Story]

My encounter with Burnout: Causes, signs, tests and solution [The Untold Story]

Of course, this curve was sometimes closer and on other occasions it was lying at a far off distance. However, the fact is that it was right there and unless they knew how to anticipate and prepare themselves for it, this curve had the power to send them out of control and spinning forever.

Yes, I’m referring to the burnout phase. A condition that leaves many people directionless and they choose to distance themselves from other people, things or even success in life.

What triggers this feeling in them? Why do they choose to shut the door on themselves and continue to feel helpless and exhausted?

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Well the answer is pretty simple! It’s because they’re experiencing a burnout.

When one is in the burnout phase they feel unhappy, detached and everything appears bleak to them. This state of their mind and the spirit leaves them even more disillusioned and further threatens their health, relationship, job, families and everything else that matters to them. This situation can be quite depressing and one that needs immediate attention. This is exactly where you need the guidance of an expert awakening coach like me.

Here goes ‘My Story’

There was a point in my life when I experienced spiritual depression due to burnout and physical exhaustion. As a result, I lost connection with myself as well as the almighty God and became a “machine” or a “robot” that merely existed to pay the bills and put food on the table (this was my survival mechanism). I felt a sense of disconnection from everything else, especially my soul and the spirit.

This is what happened to me and this is exactly what these high octane women also go through in their own unique ways. Often, these high achieving women succumb to stress and unconsciously set themselves up to feel spiritually disconnected. They feel lost, drained as well as dejected and are also unable to align themselves with their life goals.

Hence, there’s no denying the fact that the lives that high octane women lead are ripe for burnout. ‘


Because high-achieving women gravitate toward jobs that are extreme in nature!

Their work hours tend to be exceptionally long ad their workloads are exceedingly heavy. This is why they are under constant pressure to perform well.

In fact, the technology that we all use to remain connected with each other makes their work day much difficult and practically endless. They often work in positions or fields that were created by men for men, and thus they often become the victims of double standards and gender biases. This makes it harder for them to concentrate and their jobs leaves them completely drained out. Another huge problem is that their ambition, strength and confidence goes beyond socially prescribed gender expectations and the society often punishes them for their success.

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This stress often takes a toll on their body and mind but because they’re highly passionate and driven they’re always reluctant to acknowledge this burnout until things go out of control. Also, while curves are inevitable, it isn’t necessary for them to crash.

Basically, these high-octane women need to watch out for the following warning signals before they end up burning out:  

• Physical signs such as chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach pain, sleep problems, frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, gynaecological problems, and/or increased illness.

• Psychological signs such as loss of enjoyment for activities once enjoyed; sadness; excessive anxiety or worry; panic attacks; feeling trapped without options for relief or escape; loss of motivation; loss of concentration; emotional hypersensitivity at seemingly inconsequential things; feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, or pessimism; and/or increasing feelings of irritability, frustration, or anger

• Behavioral signs, such as skipping meals; little or no appetite or overeating; increase in alcohol or drug use; increased absenteeism; drop in productivity; many uncompleted projects despite long work hours; and/or isolative behaviors, such as wanting to be alone, closing doors to prevent others from access, being generally inaccessible, eating lunch alone, or being a poor team player

Whether or not you’re currently experiencing these warning signals, it’s important to keep them at the back of your mind. Remember, if you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, you may be on the road to burnout. It’s about time you did some honest assessment and identified what was causing all that stress in your life in order to get rid of them in the most appropriate manner.

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The Burnout Test

If you’re not sure whether you’re in the burnout phase or not then try this simple yet effective test on yourself. This Friday, leave all your work and commit to treating yourself to a relaxing, stress-free weekend. Remember you shouldn’t be carrying any work home and must sleep thoroughly on Saturday and Sunday morning. Also make sure that you eat right and spend your time in engaging in activities that you rarely indulge in.

If you wake up on Monday morning feeling exactly the same as you did before the arrival of the weekend, then probably you need to make some significant changes in your lifestyle to turn things around. In the end remember, burnout isn’t a terminal condition and there numerous things you can do to overcome the burnout phase and get back on the right track.

This is exactly where you’ll need my assistance.

Through awakening coaching I’ll help you in identifying the gaps in your life and what exactly you need to do in order to fill them. I’ll also assist you in redefining your life, body and mind strategies and goals, eventually liberating your spirit and steering it in the right direction.


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