Modern technology and people: Why technology is needed for the people


Modern technology and people: Why technology is needed for the people

What is the ideology regarding technology?

When it comes to modern science and technology the term technology can be defined as a branch of knowledge which is dealing with the creation also the use of technical means and their interrelation with the human life. Also the application of scientific knowledge for an practical purpose in human life.

Modern technology and people: Why technology is needed for the people

Modern technology and people: Why technology is needed for the people

“Simply technology can be defined as something innovative and invention by human begin”

History of information and technology

When it come to the history of information and technology certain great scientist invented these technologies some of the great example can be taken as the Charles Babbage the great scientist who invented the first computer to the world when it at that time an older computer but nowadays in the modern era you may find compute with marvelous features.

So when it comes to technology has been came to the world lone long time and still even for today people use technology all over the world and make a huge difference to the world by inventing more and more technology to the world. So basically as long as human begin has been so the digital revolution, also known as the third which is known as the third industrial revolution when in more than years ago scientist research on how to invented a technology. Even those day people use fire but due to modern technology scientist who invented the build Thomas Edison has today become so useful to people in the whole world.

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So when it comes to the history of technology it can be said that the history of invention of tools and techniques and is similar to other sides of the history. So for the past history ear age people use tools like in the people of ancient history shows that people communication with drums and people send message through bird before a million years ago, they didn’t have emails, skype, or fax machine before a thousand and millions years ago. Still different people made different idead and get together to make a technology.

Why people need technology in the world.

Technology has made a big change to the whole world, even though there are some disadvantage of technology. Because in the modern era of today world people cannot live without technology such technology has made people life easy. A good example is mobile phone which is an technology which is very easy to communicate with people, even though people in the past era people communicate and they didn’t even have emails and all to send message, but today with the use of mobile phone and technology the communication between people is very easy.

Also technology need to people in order to make things easy and it also saves people time through these modern technology. Also another thing we have to consider when it comes to technology it has increased the productivity of almost every organization and industry in the whole world.


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