Link Building Tips: 10 Quick Ways To Get Quality backlinks free 2018


Link Building Tips: 10 Quick Ways To Get Quality Backlinks free 2018

If you could get great links, would you? A lot of website owners think the fastest (or only) way to get quality links is to buy them and risk getting a spanking from the search engines. They’re wrong. There are lots of quick and easy ways to get great links, and best of all, they cost less than buying links or advertising.

Link Building Tips 10 Quick Ways To Get Quality Links

Link Building Tips 10 Quick Ways To Get Quality Links

1. Content Placement Programs

This is one of the easiest and most successful ways to get amazing links. With this method, you get at least one good link — there’s waiting with hoping someone will link to you. You also get the traffic from that site and a chance to interact with that site’s readership.

Some argue this doesn’t work because any links generated by the content go to the site hosting the placed content, but that’s not entirely true. Many people will also link to the author, and even if they don’t, backlinks to the hosted content will boost the link juice on the page and send more to your site. Satellite sites or content hubs work the same way.

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2. Target Your Link Goal

Whether you’ve made a formal list of people or businesses you want to get attention from or not, you know who the ‘cream of the crop’ are. Set out to specifically get their attention. Comment on their content, interact with them on social networks, and show them you mean business. Then, when they’ve gotten familiar with you, create a post specifically with them in mind. Do they have topics they’re extremely passionate about and do you have a business solution that relates? Use it. Name dropping can be highly effective too, just be sure to do it in a smart way. In other words, make sure it’s respectful and intelligent. As an added benefit, the doors and opportunities this opens up can be amazing.

3. Write With a Specific Link In Mind

Go through your ‘target sites’ and look for content you can add to, have an opinion about, or disagree with. Then, create content in direct response to that piece and notify the website about it (often a trackback is enough). If you play your cards right, you’ll find they’ll either allow the trackback, or directly update their content to include your link (most will, if you ask nicely). Alternatively, if you notice a target site often mentions a specific technique or topic, but doesn’t have the content onsite, offer to create that content for them in exchange for a link.

4. Find Broken Links

Take time to go through your competitor’s link profile and profiles for related businesses and identify their quality links. Then, analyze those sites to find broken links. This gives you a list of content to create. Once that’s done, go back through your list and notify the sites of their broken link and content you’ve created that they can link to instead. The opposite also works. If your competitor has 404s, contact the sites currently linking to it and offer your content as a replacement.

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5. Look Through Your Mentions

People frequently mention a company or its products/services and simply don’t think to link back to them. So, do a search with tools such as Google Alerts or WhosTalkin and identify sites that haven’t linked to you yet. Simple! As you’re going through, make a note of anyone who has carried your news on their site. Then, the next time you have some big news to share, contact them to offer an exclusive.

6. Create Your Own Links

Create a signature piece (something notable, helpful, or newsworthy like a guide or, in our case, an SEO expert group interview!) and start creating links to that content by publishing other blog posts and press releases back to it. You can even talk to others in your network to see if they’ll create links back to it. Eventually, the buzz and excitement will catch on and others will get in the game too.

7. Support a Cause

Cause marketing is nothing new, but it’s definitely underused and undervalued by many companies and websites. Find something you can really, truly, and genuinely get behind and champion for them. The more creative you can get the better. You’ll find this can generate links from the charity or organization itself (especially if you talk to them!), but your efforts can also earn you tons of links, traffic, and support.

8. Get Support From Your Loyal Customers

When customers purchase from you, ask them to share their experiences in the form of a blog post and link back to you. Alternatively, you can actively pass out free product in exchange for reviews or features and links back to your site.

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9. Offer Your Expertise

Media outlets, educational organizations, and even local businesses can use your expertise. Offer to help them out and act as an information source. In return, you’ll earn tons of great links, publicity, and reach, while building authority. Conferences and services such as HARO can be a great source of links as well.

10. Give Your Opinion

Make a list of all the products and services that make it easier for you to run your business. Then, provide them with testimonials, case studies, and reviews. Usually, websites will include links back to your site when they publish them.

What quick ways have you found to get quality backlinks? Comment below

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