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Is beer good for health? Health benefits of Beer


Is beer good for health? Health benefits of Beer

It is a general belief that moderate drinking of wine reduces the rate of stroke or heart attack but people fail to realize that drinking beer in moderation for example, two times per day for men can also perform the same function. Some of the health benefits of beer are discussed below

Is beer good for health Health benefits of Beer

Is beer good for health Health benefits of Beer

Beer minimizes the risk of stroke and coronary disease

The advantages of this beverage have been noted for a long time as it is Known for its significant vitamin level obtained from yeast, grains (barley and wheat) made from beverages through the process of fermentation and filtering. research shows that moderate consumption of beverages lowers the risk of stroke by 20 percent and minimizes coronary disease by 40 percent.

Beer prevents cancer and age related disease

Beer contains the same amount of antioxidant (polyphenols) as red wine and almost five times the amount present in white wine. This antioxidants helps to prevent cancer and other age related disease. Research shows that beer also contributes positively to our health.

Beer reduces the risk of heart disease and blood clot

Another important benefit of beer is the increase in cholesterol level in the bloodstream. homocysteine, an amino acid which subjects the body to heart disease is being prevented by the action of vitamin B6 present in beer. Alcohol also reduces the risk of blood clots. Research shows that people who drink beer are subjected to better protection from homocysteine than people who drink other type of beverages.

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Beer for stronger bones

The high level of silicon present in beer especially pale ale improves bone health as it has been seen in the recent study carried out amongst old men and women that drinking beer twice in a day helps to improve the bone strength, but consuming more than that per day can lead to bone fractures. Non alcoholic beers and Light lagers has little amount of silicon present in them.

Beer as a rich source of vitamins

The cholesterol, carbonhydrate, sodium and fat present in beer is at minimal level. The beverage was first used in Egypt as the solution to homeopathic problems several years ago as it contains significant amount of phosphorus, vitamin B2,B2,B6 and B12, potassium, protein and calcium.

However, the health benefits are well enjoyed when you drink responsibly in moderation as excess drinking of beer can lead to negative and unhealthy effects such as liver disease, obesity and alcoholism.


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