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How to convert or turn Outlook into a timesheet calendar [Step by Step]


How to convert or turn Outlook into a timesheet calendar

There are a lot of things that are extremely important when running a business while trying to make it something successful, and one of those things is time, and how to properly manage it.

The thing about time is that it’s hard to manage and even harder to make sure everyone of your employees is actually making the most of their work hours and getting everything they need done on time.

How to turn Outlook into a timesheet calendar

How to turn Outlook into a timesheet calendar

However, that’s what a timesheet calendar is for, to keep track of the time in order to improve, better and help you make the most out of your business. But, time tracking can be a little bit difficult to handle, specially if you don’t know exactly what it is.

What is time tracking.

  Before you go along and turn Outlook into a timesheet calendar and start keeping track of time and everything that happens in your business, you need to know what is time tracking, and why it is so important.

Basically, time tracking is the way people keep track of what they do during work hours. This means it’s a way to document what you do during that time, how you spent those hours and so much more.

To put it even more simple: It’s a way to know what you spent your time on. Now, if you take this concept into business, you can easily see why it is so important, and how it can potentially improve your business.

You see, time tracking is essential for many reasons, but mostly because it helps you and your employees doing things like setting up appointments, activities or projects and keeping track of them.

What’s a timesheet calendar.

Now that you know what time tracking is, it’s time you know what’s a timesheet calendar, but to put it simple, it’s a way to keep track of time and what employees do during working hours.

This means a timesheet is the tool that will let actually let you keep track of time and manage the hours in order for you and your employees to able to be as efficient as you can possibly be.

If you want to keep track of time and know how much of it your employees are spending on each task or job, what they can improve, what are they doing right and how they can work even better, you need a timesheet calendar.

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These timesheet calendars are like any other calendar, but with various extremely useful features that allow you to improve your employees productivity. And the best thing is, you can use Outlook calendar and turn it into a timesheet.

Why is time tracking so important for any business.

When running a business, you’ll soon realize there are many, many things that need to be done, and sometimes time just don’t seem enough. No matter how many hours of work we have.

That’s when having a timesheet calendar that can integrate and work with Outlook is so vital for any business that’s looking for improving and actually trying to encourage their employees to do the best they can.

By using time tracking you can see what you’re doing with your time. You can take notice of how much time you’re spending on each task or job and think about how you can improve that.

This means you can see what you’re doing wrong and take things into consideration to come up with a better time management and plan to stop wasting so much time and make the most of your working hours.

In order to make your business grow and help your employees be better, you need to keep track of time and install a good timesheet calendar that can work with something as useful as Outlook.

How to improve your business using a timesheet calendar.

Like we said before, a timesheet calendar is nothing but the right tool that will help you and your employees out to be able to track time and get a better hold of everything you are doing over working hours.

This means that by using a timesheet calendar you are already implementing time tracking, and starting your way to really improve your business. But you might be wondering how is that possible.

To give you an idea of how exactly a timesheet calendar and time tracking will help you improve your business, let’s start by saying it increases the productivity of every single one of your employees.

Using a timesheet calendar you can keep track of activities that are already happening, schedule new ones, estimate how much time you’re gonna spend on them, how much time you’ve already spent in different jobs.

All of that combined gives you an insight on how your employees are managing their time, and how you can help them improve and be way more efficient by simply planning their time.

Using a timesheet calendar allows everyone to work better, which will result in an overall better workflow and a better workplace in which everyone feels productive and happy.

Make the most of your Outlook account.

Outlook is one of the best tools you can incorporate into your business, and it’s actually one many people in the field already use to keep track of important appointments, activities and more.

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That’s why it is so important to make the most of something you already have. The idea of implementing a timesheet calendar is to make everything easier and just incorporate it to your current working tools.

Using the Outlook Calendar is already a great start. It allows you to be more organized, and scheduled things like appointments, meetings, activities, tasks and more, which is great.

However, the Outlook Calendar by itself isn’t enough to keep track of time because it lacks several features that are necessary to actually know how you are spending your time during work hours.

That’s when a timesheet calendar comes in handy an transforms your average calendar into something that can improve your work methods, make your efficient and allow you to control your time.

Doing something as easy as installing a timesheet calendar can totally transform the way you have been running your business, and give your employees that extra push they need to be motivated and do a way better job.

Transform your Outlook into the best timesheet calendar.

Now that you know why it is so important to have a timesheet calendar that helps you tracking your time and be more productive during working hours, it’s time you know how you can do this.

Keep in mind, the best timesheet calendar you can possibly have is one that can work with Outlook. This eliminates the need of having to install other programs or getting used to a new one.

You should seek for a timesheet calendar that’s both compatible with Outlook calendar and easy to install. Remember, the easiest it is, the better for you and every single one of your employees.

A good and trustworthy timesheet calendar is one that isn’t to invasie and integrates very easily into Outlook. Meaning you’ll still see the Outlook calendar as it is, but you’ll notice a few extra features.

Those extra features are exactly what you want. Things like having extra space to thoroughly identify what your activities are, being able to define an estimated of hor much time each one is going to take, and be able to follow up each and everyone of your task. Those are some pretty important features.

Another very important thing you need to keep in mind about timesheet calendars is that it should allow you to keep track of everyone’s calendar in your business, meaning they should be somewhat connected.

This is not for spying reasons, but to actually be able to know where are your employees lacking and what can you do to help them out make the most of their days and encourage them to make a better job.

How you can optimize your business with a timesheet calendar.

Time tracking is key when trying to organized, improve and overall better your business. Which is why it’s important you know how you can optimize your business using a timesheet calendar.

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Like we mentioned before, using the Outlook calendar is great, however it isn’t enough. It’s a start, yes, but using a timesheet calendar you can take everything you already have there, and organize it better.

Time tracking is really about optimize something you already have. Once you’ve installed your timesheet calendar, you can start organizing old information you already had in your old calendar.

Once that’s done, you can start implementing the many features of your new timesheet to keep track of your work. For instance, you can categorize everyone of your tasks and jobs.

You can also create or schedule appointments and meetings, set the time you’ll spend on them, and even left notes about how they went and what happened, keeping a record of everything you do.

As you might be able to tell, all of this things not only allow you to see how you and your employees are working, what are you doing with your time and how you can improve, but it helps you keep track of everything.

No more forgetting things, everything concerning your business will be controlled by this little extension of your calendar. It’ simple, it’s easy and it is efficient.

Benefits of working with a timesheet calendar.

 You already know what a timesheet calendar is, how to integrate with Outlook calendar, and how this tiny tool can help you keep track of time. Now it’s time you know the real benefits of working with a timesheet calendar.

The very first thing you should know, is that a good timesheet calendar allows you to get an insight of your own working methods. You get to see what you do right, what you do wrong, and where are you wasting time.

That also applies for your employees, since you do get an insight on them and what they do during working hours. This implies you get to see flaws in the overall workflow and can work together to improve that as a business team.

Moving on, implementing a timesheet calendar that integrates with Outlook allows you to keep track and overview both new and ongoing projects. From approving them, to keeping an eye on them until they finish.

Last, but certainly not least, you get to make your employees happier. You see, someone who knows how to make the best of their work, and is given clear instructions, is someone who will most likely be a happy employee.

Giving your employees a tool that helps them be more organized will bust their productivity, you’ll get a team full of efficient, hard-working people who are happy to actually be doing something meaningful with their time.


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