Fiber optic service in jamaica: digicel Play home internet packages


Fiber optic service in jamaica: digicel Play home internet packages

With the rapid advancement in technology and the globalization of the world, the use of fiber optics services have become so prevalent in various countries must especially among developed nations.

Fiber optic offers a lot of benefits to users all over the world, apart from its speed which makes it an excellent internet option, Fiber Optics is also used across various industries in research, development, and testing.

Fiber optic service in jamaica: digicel Play home internet packages

Fiber optic service in jamaica: digicel Play home internet packages

In most developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the use of Fiber Optics service is quite common among citizens. For instance, in the United States, all states and regions currently make use of Fiber Optics, the service is being provided by DSL firms like Frontier and Verizon. Although Google Fiber and Municipal Fiber have also started providing their services.

Furthermore, the European Commission is already making efforts to have a 100 percent coverage goal of speeds of at least 30mbps by 2020 which will be achieved through the use of fiber optic networks. Also, countries in Asia, are not left out of this development. For instance, in 2016, Dubai was ranked first among its 11 global contemporaries with the FFTH-Fiber-to-the home, spread.

It was also reported that UAE (United Arab Emirates) has a Fiber optic network coverage of about 93.7 percent. Korea, South Korea, and Singapore have also advanced in the use of Fiber optics. However, the story is not the same in developing countries which are trying to catch up with their Western Counterparts. Countries like South Africa have already rolled out the use of Fiber Optics, even though South African Broadband cost ten times more than those in the United Kingdom.

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South Africa Government are reportedly making plans to ensure the availability of Fiber Optic Services to its citizens throughout South Africa by 2020.  Also, Kenya and Tanzania government have constructed a nationwide fiber optic cable as a backbone while giving access to private sectors to run it at a little cost.

In Jamaica, the story is however different; the country is already making waves in the use of Fiber Optics thanks to Telecommunication giant Digicel Play which recently rolled out Fiber Home network in Jamaica.

With this network, all Jamaicans have access to fast-internet speed. They can now download, surf and stream from any device at the same times despite the weather condition.

Already, as part of efforts to ensure that the use of Fiber Optics spread widely among its citizens, Jamaican Government recently granted two licenses for the construction and operation of two submarine fiber optical networks that will link Jamaica to North America and other parts of the world.

The licenses were awarded to Fibralink Jamaica Limited and Trans-Caribbean Cable Company Limited (TCCCL), which will be making a total investment of up to $5 billion in the creation of undersea links.

This single gesture has shown that the Jamaican Government is ready to boost internet services across the country.

Speaking at a news conference, held at Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on January 5, Jamaican Minister of Commerce, Science, and Technology, Phillip Paulwell, stated that the process is expected to last for 10-12 months.

He added that the government’s decision to award the undersea cable contract would put an end to the monopoly held by Wireless and Cable.

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According to Paulwell, Jamaicans can now expect competition in the routing of data and voice traffic using non-satellite infrastructure. He also added that the Fiber Optic service would be made available at affordable rates in the provision of the high-speed broadband Internet to the citizens

With this development, Jamaica can be said to be advanced in the use of Fiber Optics. Also, Jamaicans stand to benefit a lot from the use of Fiber Optic services.

Citizens now have access to cheaper internet services, local entrepreneurs can invest in the deployment of domestic fiber networks, and Jamaicans can also take advantage of the full range of government services offered online such as payment of income taxes, GCT from remote locations, processing of their import licenses (and) driver’s licenses.


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