Benefits of drinking water: Examining the advantages of water over Human health


Benefits of drinking water

Well, it’s a universal fact that water is the element that gives earth the ability to host life. A transparent and tasteless fluid that virtually dwells everything from soil moisture, ice caps to human body relies upon fat index (BMI), age and sex.

Benefits of drinking water

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The major benefits of drinking water comes from the fact that average human body possesses 55-60% of water while a baby human on birth contains more which is 75% of the water that drops to 65% on their first birthday. Water is the part of every cell inside a human body, an adult heart and contains almost three-quarters of water which is roughly equivalent to the amount of water in banana. A normal human lung contains 83% of water and even seemingly dry bones contain 31%. It makes us think if we contain so much water then why do we need to drink a plenty amount?

What are the major Benefits of drinking water?

Water is a natural blessing given to humans without any pay for it which doesn’t only breaks our thirst but usefully consume by humans more efficient than medicines which are used to avoid or cure different diseases. Hydrating ourselves on daily basis has a good impact on our bodies which assists modulate our systems properly by giving us many benefits like

  1. • Lubricating joints
  2. • Regulating temperature
  3. • Nourishes brain and spinal cord
  4. • Helps in losing weight
  5. • Good digestion
  6. • Make the skin glow and smooth
  7. • Curing headache
  8. • Give energy to human body
  9. • Assists us in better exercise
  10. • Flush out toxins
  11. • Boost immune system
  12. • Improve cognitive functions of brain
  13. • Prevents cramps and sprains
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Benefits of drinking water should be known and apply in our lives which is an essential part of the human life. Research showed that optimal hydration reduces the risk of stroke, manages diabetes and guard against many kinds of cancers.

What should be the water imbibe on daily basis for staying healthy?

For those of us that are lucky enough to have access to clean and pure water, they should agree upon the consensus of balanced water consumption and try to learn about benefits of drinking water. For the reason to regulate a steady flow of systems inside the human body a balanced amount of water intake is necessary to avoid problems like dehydration or overhydration. Drinking of water relies upon different factors like weight, environments, and gender like drinking of water for male human ranges from 2.5-3.7 liters per day while for a female 2-2.7 liter is a suggested range, in normal word 8 glasses should be taken per day.  Water in our daily foods makes up a fifth of our daily H2O intake. Fruits and vegetables like strawberries, cucumber, Broccoli contain 90% of water providing valuable nutrients and fiber.

A normal person loses 2 to 3 liters of water daily through sweat, urine or bowel movements and a cycle of these functions is essential for survival. To compensate such fluid loss a balance amount of water is statutory that will fill the space of loss.

What might result in imbalance consumption of water?

Water and life are tied up with a rope if there is a life somewhere the presence of water is the must. Because either a human or any other organism’s life they need to consume water for their survival. It’s true that there are a lot of benefits of drinking water but what will happen if water intake exceeds or below the balanced limits?

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To maintain a healthy body it is important to keep a balance between the consumption of water to avoid problems like dehydration or overhydration which can suffer our health badly.

The human brain measures the amount of water level inside the body which on detecting low level triggers a certain kind of hormones called Hypothalamus which creates special channels (Aquaporins) which on reaching kidneys increase absorption and retaining of water by blood that leads to concentrated, dark urine. Such condition can reveal symptoms like

  1. • Decreasing in energy inside human body
  2. • Affect mood
  3. • Moisture of skin
  4. • Blood pressure disorder
  5. • Sign of cognitive impairment, brain will work harder than usual to achieve its goal.

You can have a lot of benefits of drinking water for your health but not beyond the limits, that results overhydration (Hyponatremia) which normally causes due to over-consumption of water in short duration.

A problem like this often shows up in athletes because of the irregular water level in extreme physical condition. It’s known that dehydrated brain produces Anti-diuretic hormones on the other hand over hydrated brain slow or even stops releasing it into the blood which dilutes sodium electrolyte in the body causing cells to swell.  Condition like this may result in severe problems because kidneys can’t keep up with diluted urine causing water intoxication that leads to symptoms like

  1. • Headache
  2. • Vomiting
  3. • Confusion
  4. • Nausea
  5. • Bloating
  6. • And in rare cases seizure organ failure or death may result.

So no matter what, a normal amount of drinking water makes a world of difference in how you feel, think and function in day to day that make it important to know about benefits of drinking water.

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