Acoustic treatment definition and why you need it


Acoustic treatment definition and why you need it

There are different ways that each and every person across the globe react to every situation presents to them, we don’t feel the same thing the same way in the same environment. This aforementioned statement does not exclude the acoustic world, as the world keep changing and the level of noise keep increasing in both our home and outside our home, the after effect of this is received differently by each individuals across the globe therefore, the way we react to such “unwanted sound” (NOISE) is also different based on this humans diversity.

Acoustic treatment definition and why you need it

Acoustic treatment definition and why you need it

The concern here is the fact that, acoustic environment is unavoidably part of human existence and it constantly invades our personal lifestyle and regrettably change our ways of life when less expected. But when one finds himself/herself in this kind of situation is there any way to remedy such? How and where does this take place? These and the related questions are what this piece try to simplify for you and it is tagged ACOUSTIC TREATMENT.


When the issue of sound and the way of treating it emanates, some people usually think that the way of treating a sound is always by means of soundproofing. Let’s take the following as an example; you are inside your room having a party or a get-together where the volume and the sound of the stereo is so high and yet the “noise” does not leave the room or escape to another room to disturb the others or your neighbors or yours being invaded from outside noise because the room is “soundproofed” and the noise is confined to you room alone, that’s one part which is known as “SOUNDPROOFING”. This in other words is practically different from “ACOUSTIC TREATMENT”, if you are confused about the two like I was at first all you need do is to relax and read this piece further, all will be cleared. SOUNDPROOFING deals with the blocking of sound from leaving your room/office or an apartment to the other people or neighbors’ rooms or apartment by way of blocking such emission to reduce the level of noise that goes out or comes in to the room or the apartment.

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But, do you consider the noise that is confined to your room pleasant to your hearing? Does the sound that emanates from the stereo sounds like it supposed to be sounded? Have you notice if the so called soundproofed room keep echoing the same sound that is being released from the stereo? Or you are in a studio, recording a sound or mixing and the sound you keep producing keep bouncing back, echoing or reverberating? If the effect you got from the room is negative then, this is where ACOUSTIC TREATMENT comes in. Simply put, ACOUSTIC TREATMENT is the treatment you give a room to control the frequency of the sound within the room. With this you control the movement of the sound waves within the room in order to get the desired result from the instruments being used.

Acoustic treatments also include treatment of room in a way that the space being protected is given a desired degree of freedom from echo and reverberation. In this sense, the space is not only treated to resist a noise from outside or discharging one from the space to the outside space or apartment but also putting into consideration the effect on the space being under protection, as you won’t like protecting interest of others while you leave yours to shattering.


When a room is left untreated from reverberated or echo sound it has a lot of adverse effect on the room, imagine a scenario where you bought highly expensive home theater sound system set and after taking it home to play your newly bought song(s) or video(s), the kind of sound that keep coming to your hearing is not just anything to write about, you keep hearing different bass echoing into your sense of hearing, with that you get confused on whether it’s your newly bought sound system(home theater) or something is wrong with the song being played. But by mistake you tried the same system in another atmosphere and the sound became normal again. Then you can have the picture of the damage your untreated room is causing.

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Consequently, if you need your room to receive a good rhythm to be transmitted as it was recorded then there is need for you to get it treated acoustically. That studio you are in also, where you record or mix needs to be treated as well in order to give a desire sound and for your listeners to have a well treated sound that is palatable to hearing in their respective homes.

Finally, you need an acoustic treatment in order to stay healthy, whichever one of the acoustic deficiency that your space is lacking can contribute negatively on how your ears react and this if not manage well can cost you a visit to audiologist, which I believe is avoidable if your environment is well attended to.


There are two great ways to treat a room from unbalance sound within a room or an apartment each depending on the type of sound to be absorbed, with the following analysis I believe the type that suits you will be best understood. The two ways are the followings.


when you are in a studio to record a or mix sound, the sound travel in a straight line through the microphone and part of the sound being transmitted also which is called a “REFLECTED SOUND” bounces randomly around in the room and within seconds the reflected sound get to the microphone by chance and by so doing the original voice or sound being transmitted will be affected and the sound plummeted. This affects the type of audio being giving out. In order to change this you have to absorb the reflected sound in order not to change the original sound being recorded or mixed. This is done by using absorption foam and at times rigid mineral wool. It is effective to trap or reduce roaming echo or sound within the room.

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diffusion is another method of acoustic treatment. While absorption tries to mob up the roaming sound within the room, what diffusion does is simply to scatter the sound that are concentrated in a particular space within the room in order to help in  energy control and improve the sound quality in frequencies in sound transmission.


That soundproofing is meant to keep an unwanted sound (noise) “out of bound” i.e. it is intended to keep away noise from entering or leaving your room from or to the next room or neighbor apartment. This means you are “mindful of your neighbors” both within and without.

While on the other hand, acoustic treatment is personal concern, where you are mindful of how the sound that escape into the room are well managed and balanced in order to give accurate and desired result. “For yourself and yourself alone or with those who are with you” in the same space.

Hope this is helpful.




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