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10 Latest Health Apps and Gadgets to Prevent Diseases and Promote Healthy Living


Health Apps and Gadgets to Prevent Diseases

Ever since the first gift of nature was bestowed on man (i.e. life), the struggle for survival had become a necessity. History had it that man in the past loses their health while struggling for survival, and then spend the proceeds of struggle to recuperate for their lost health. They live like they will never die but later die haven never really lived. That simple analogy however represents in detail the life and time of the ancient and medieval world that though laid the foundation but couldn’t experience the good that had come with technology and modernisation.

Health Apps and Gadgets to Prevent Diseases

Health Apps and Gadgets to Prevent Diseases

Prevention as they say is better than cure. Human society has philosophers would say as a system borne out of the unconscious and gregarious nature of man in the pursuit of a greater good. The desire for the greater good, necessity however gave birth to invention. In health, the urge to preserve life serves the motivation behind the provision of cure to illnesses. Today, high cost of quality health services has deprived a majority of the world population access to quality health services thereby exposing them to some catastrophic health spending.

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Technology and the advancement in Smartphone production has however made today’s world a lot easier to live in. The world today is now connected than ever before. People now have access to different apps and gadgets that help proffer solution to most problems of life with the health sector being among the major beneficiary. These applications and gadgets have nonetheless made prevention from illness and diseases a lot easier, thus contributing a great deal to reduction in the risk of avoidable health breakdown.

We will however explore below ten of the latest health apps and gadgets as well as their uses and benefits to man:

1. Omron Evolve: –

This is a clinically validate device. It is mobile and can help you monitor your blood pressure. It can also assist to measure, record and share related data concerning its findings with a health expert through the help of the Omron Connect App.

2. Qardio Base: –

It is a smart scale device that can be used with apps like Apple Health, Google Fit etc by connecting to the Qardio App. It is used for measuring the overall body mass index.

3. Netatmo Healthy Home Coach: –

Industrial actions have no doubt caused a big damage to the environment. The air we breathe in (depending on environment) has today been a cause for the increase in cardiovascular illnesses experience globally as compared to the past decades. This gadget is however designed to detect the quality of air within its area of placement and at same time offer advises on how to improve on such air quality to ensure a proper living.

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4. Motio HW: –

It is a watch-like device with artificial intelligence that could be tied around the wrist. It helps to detect and prevent a deadly sleep defect known as Apnoea which if not properly maintained could result to hypertension, heart diseases, and brain damages among many others.

5. Temp Traq: –

it is a flex-like device that is placed under the armpit which could help you track and send data of your body temperature to a connected mobile device. It is an essential gadget especially for little children which could help monitor their temperature level and take measures when necessary.

6. Qardio Core: –

The Qardio Core is a multi functional belt-like Qardio device which is strapped to the chest. It could help to monitor the activities of the heart, respiratory system and skin. Was first introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show 2015 and its data could be shared with other health professionals through apps like Qardio App and every other iProduct Apps (iPhone, iPad).

7. Philip Avance Juicer: –

This could be regarded as a digestion aiding gadget that helps to increase the fibre presence in your juice. It has in it an installed Fibre Boost Technology which helps to boost the quantity of fibre available in juice at the production stage.

8. S-Skin: –

S-Skin is a Samsung Skin Change Tracking Device. It is comprised of a microneedle patch and a portable device that allows you to monitor changes on your skin through its skin analysing mechanism.

9. Motiv Ring: –

While there has been an age long attempt geared towards a convenient and comfortable tracking and monitoring of the fitness rate among athletes and sportmen/women alike, the Motiv Ring however serves a major breakthrough. It is elegantly build, stylish and tasteful to match outdoor or recreation wears. It helps to monitor your heart rate either during exercise or in sleep as well as serve a good prevention towards cardiovascular diseases.

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10. 2 Breathe Sleep Inducer: –

Several circumstances or issues can no doubt prevent an individual from falling asleep or getting the required sleep. When this occurs, several health hazards can however result from it most especially the brain or mentally related illnesses. Prevention from these is the rationale behind the 2 Breathe Sleep Inducer which not only induce you to sleep but also relieves you of every health related issues that might arise from the inability to get adequate sleep. It is a wearable waist belt which analyses your breathing as well as communicate with your phone to provide you a sleep inducing melody in consonance with your breathing and body requirement.

The introduction of these health related gadgets and apps and many more can however be said to be a major breakthrough in the health sector as people can now monitor their health progress and make necessary prevention from diseases which in turn help to improve quality of life as well as promoting life expectancy.


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