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10 Best ways to secure information in an organisation or company 2018


10 Best ways to secure information in an organisation or company 2018

In today’s dynamic threat environment, strong security is more important than ever for small businesses and large corporations alike. From phishing emails to ransom ware, it seems that these days the majority of threats faced by companies are computer or software related. And in reality, this is not an unreasonable viewpoint, as the modern economy’s reliance on information technology is enough to lead any business person that their main focus should be on threats presented by attackers utilizing cyber-based methods.

10 Best ways to secure information in an organisation or company 2018

10 Best ways to secure information in an organisation or company 2018

Despite the sexy nature of the current cybersecurity industry, we believe that business leaders that are truly committed to their company’s security must turn their focus to more traditional treats, such as trespassing and burglary, while keeping the modern threats of cybersecurity in mind as well. While cyber attackers are capable of doing significant damage, the fact of the matter is that most small businesses don’t utilize the type of information technology infrastructure that would put them at greatest risk for a cyber attack. With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10 of the best types of security that forward thinking small business owners can leverage to protect both their physical and digital assets. Specifically, let’s take a look at some important forms of traditional physical security, a few modern security innovations, and basic cybersecurity tools that every small business should be utilizing.

Traditional Security Types:

Timeless Tools to Ensure Your Company’s Physical Assets

Security Type #1: The Paper Shredder

When first considering the utility of a paper shredder as a security tool, some business professionals may be taken aback. After all, how can a tool as basic and outdated as a simple paper shredder help to secure a modern business? This is a fair point, however, there is a reason that paper shredders are still being utilized by major companies around the globe. Even in our digitized, global economy, ensuring that your physical documents do not fall into the wrong hands is an important step for business owners to take. As unlikely as it may seem, there have been cases of businesses being victimized by dumpster divers, who literally dig through a company’s trash in search of documents that may have valuable information within them. As basic as it may seem, the simple step of shredding documents after they have been utilized can go a long way in ensuring your company’s proprietary information does not fall into the wrong hands.

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Security Type #2: Security Camera Systems

A basic security camera system (also known as CCTV systems) can be an extremely helpful in furthering the security of your company’s physical storefront or offices. Being able to see what is going out outside your business, whether in front of your offices or in a dim alleyway between the adjacent building, is an important component of any modern business security plan. Despite the fact that cybersecurity attacks are starting to grow, the reality of the situation is that most small businesses are more at risk from being victimized by a robbery than a cyberattack. Regardless of your business sector, ensuring that the physical perimeter of your business is secure is an important step to take. Additionally, if your business is unfortunate enough to be the victim of a robbery, a CCTV system can make a huge difference when looking for the perpetrators of such crimes.

Security Type #3: A Dependable, Physical Lock for Your Business

Like some of the other timeless security tools mentioned above, a dependable physical lock for your business may seem like a no-brainer. With this being said, it is important enough to mention on our list, as there have been numerous situations in the past where small businesses fell victim to criminals due to poor locks.

Modern Security Innovations:

Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology to Defend Your Business

Security Type #4: SimpliSafe Home Security System

When working to develop your company’s security plan, why not take advantage of cutting edge technology? The SimpliSafe Home Security System does just that, combining the best of classic security systems with cutting-edge advances in modern technology. With a built-in cellular connection and battery backup, you’re guaranteed to get a notification if your business has been broken into, regardless of whether or not the electricity is on or the WiFi is still operational. These dynamic features can combine with smart sensors ranging from motion detectors to wireless cameras to ensure that your business is protected by the best that modern security technology has to offer. As if these features are convenient enough, the SimpliSafe security system has a companion application for both iOS and Android, allowing business owners to always be up-to-date on the status of their office’s physical security.

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Security Type #5: Tile Wireless Security Tags

In our busy lives, it is now easier than every to lose track of one’s phone, wallet, or even keys. While such issues may only present minor inconveniences for most people, the loss of a company’s storefront keys or a smartphone with valuable and proprietary business information on it can be enough to induce panic for small business owners. Such issues are effortlessly solved with the Tile Wireless Security Tag. Simply connect your Tile to the application (which has a web portal as well, just in case you lose your phone) and you’ll be notified whenever your phone is sensed to be separate from your wallet or keys.

Security Type #6: Ring Video Doorbell System

Ring brings the doorbell into the 21st century, allowing business owners to see who is at their door via a smartphone-connected and camera-enabled doorbell. For small businesses who may not be able to afford a traditional security camera system, Ring also offers a line of dynamic, smart-enabled security cameras that can help to ensure the security of your business 24 hours per day.

Cybersecurity: Defend Your Company’s Digital Assets

Security Type #7: 2-Factor Authentication Keychains

2-Factor authentication keychains, like these, can oftentimes be an effective and affordable solution to help ensure that only employees with access to a particular computer system are able to log on. Employees simply insert their physical key, oftentimes kept on a keychain, into a USB port along with their password to ensure the system that they are in fact who they claim to be. If possible, we suggest pairing physical authentication keychains with Tile security tags to ensure your employees always have access to their information.

Security Type #8: Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Within cybersecurity circles, it is a well-known fact that the weakest part of any security system is the humans who interact with it. With such information in mind, we strongly suggest that businesses invest in training their employees on the importance of good cyber hygiene and password upkeep. Oftentimes, such habits can make the difference between maintaining cybersecurity or becoming the victim of a cyber attacker.

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Security Type #9: MailControl

MailControl is an easy-to-use tool that works as a firewall for dangerous emails that may be sent within a company’s network. Specializing in the detection of spyware and phishing emails, this service is strongly suggested for businesses that may have fallen victim to such attacks in the past, or companies that want to ensure that they do not fall prey to such approaches to network infiltration in the future.

Security Type #10: CryptoStopper

Similar to MailControl, CryptoStopper is a great “off-the-shelf” service for small businesses that want to ensure they do not fall victim to ransomware attacks. These days, ransomware, which locks a computer’s files down until the victim pays a ransom of Bitcoin, is one of the most popular (and frightening) methods utilized by attackers. Proactive steps like the utilization of a service such as CryptoStopper can go a long way, as it was recently reported that victims of ransomware have paid an estimated $25 million to regain access to their data. As if this isn’t motivation enough to invest in a defense against ransomware, additional studies have reported that many victims of ransomware are targeted multiple times.

Defending Your Business: A Continuous Process

While we have laid out some useful tools that can help defend companies big and small, it is important to note that the nature of security means that the threats faced by businesses are forever changing and evolving. While ransomware and physical break-ins may be the most popular attacks today, it is very likely that the threat dynamics faced by small businesses will change in the future. With such information in mind, we strongly encourage our readers to not only consider the highly beneficial security resources outlined on this list, but to also investigate how to best protect their specific business as well. In a world with ever changing threats, both physical and digital in nature, the best way to fight back is to be proactive and ensure that your company’s security practices are always up-to-date.

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